Welcome to the new investment culture

To reach excellence, we need more than professionalism, knowledge and experiences. Not that these aren’t essential, but to truly make a difference, we need passion and total commitment. Only with latter two we can  stop the routine, wake up every single quality from within and upgrade knowledge into the expertise. The expertise we need to provide you with best consultation and make your world a better place.



United in the vision of success

The ALTA Group was founded as three key pioneers of the Slovenian capital market merged in one entity to become the biggest investment group in the coutry. Our vision is ambitious and bold, yet realistic. We will become the leading financial group in Slovenia and South East Europe, providing best asset management, investment consultation and investment banking services.

Flexible & active, regional & global

More than 100 most qualified experts, including the most competent stock exchange analytics in Slovenia ensure our vision will become a reality. Our unique mixture of knowledge and experiences on key local, regional and global markets surpasses all other investment groups in Slovenia, making achieving our ambitious goals look effortless. 

The new investment culture

We believe in persistence and sustainability

It’s all about you. It’s all about your vision, your expectations and your goals. And, of course, it’s all about efficiently achieving those goals – financial, business and social. To ensure long-term successes we reach for excellence in our relationship with you, our investors and employees.

While persistently implementing our vision, we take our responsibility for the sustainable development of the region seriously. Our services, social responsibility activities and sponsorships are therefore crafted with that purpose in mind.

Our advice changes your world

Our most important and most precious service of all is a holistic approach to the asset management. Tailor-made approach, created to help you make the right decisions along your way, fulfilling your goal.


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