More than 100 EURm funds raised for Slovenian companies in 2013

Sava RE SPO: 55 EURm equity raised for client to takeover insurance company ZM (93 EURm oversubscription).

  • Road show organized in Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Austria, Germany, USA.
  • Alta was lead advisor and sole book runner.

TUŠ mobile: 5,1 EURm of bonds issued for client to repay its debt to Telekom Slovenie

  • Innovative approach in constructing a term sheet
  • Raising funds for private company without rating and with mother company in restructuring
  • Investors were Slovenian institutional clients.


Actively involved in solving most difficult challenges of our clients

Abanka: 90 EURm capital increase, 120 EURm LME, restructuring

  • Organized private placement as the first bank in Slovenia
  • Constructed term sheet for new financial instrument to replace current subordinated bonds
  • Prepared process for selling debt to private investors

Ring International: buy side advisor, project in progress

  • Full buy side support of Ring international.
  • Mercator, Gorenje: in total issued 47 EURm of commercial papers
  • Lektrika: adviser to the management in sell process
  • Cinkarna Celje: adviser to the management in sell process
  • Mercator Emba: sell side adviser
  • Adviser in 2 buy mandates for international companies that we can not disclose at this time.


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