Bringing capital markets closer

Raising financial assets requires an analytical insight into capital markets, excellent knowledge of economic circumstances, and experience in structuring terms and conditions of financing. We provide all this throughout our collaboration process, from helping you decide to issue shares, bonds, or commercial papers to managing strict legal and administrative procedures.

€550 millions

raised by issuing debt securities

€143 millions

raised by issuing bonds

30% market share

by volume on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Listing on the organised market

Why should you enter the securities market:

  • increase the reputation and recognisability of your company
  • potentially positive effect on sales and procurement
  • easier to attract new employees
  • easier to raise fresh debt or equity capital
  • share market prices reflects your and your employees’ performance

What should you pay attention to when entering the securities market:

  • ensuring transparent business operations
  • notifying the investing public about important events in business operations
  • notifying the investing public about the company financial situation

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Commercial papers. Borrow money with at proportionally low costs

Why commercial papers?

  • A simple way of borrowing money with proportionally low costs, which can ensure a competitive interest rate at higher volumes.
  • They establish a connection between you and capital markets, allowing you to issue long-term debt financial instruments (bonds) and acquisition of equity capital.
  • The largest Slovenian companies (Petrol, Mercator, GEN-i and Gorenje) also use commercial papers for borrowing.

Why commercial papers at ALTA?

  • As the largest non-bank financial institution with numerous references, we are in an excellent position to help you successfully issue commercial papers. As we have done for Mercator, d.d. and Gorenje, d.d.
  • When issuing commercial papers, we use an innovative method that allows greater flexibility regarding debt and at the same time a lower interest rate.