Comprehensive range of financial and analytical services

We provide consultancy services for raising capital, financial due diligence, company evaluation, exercising ownership right, and other financial and analytical services.

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Why financial due diligence and evaluations?

  • Are you in negotiations for an acquisition of a company and wish to get a more detailed picture of operations of the target company before you make your decision?
  • Are you planning to sell an ownership interest in wish to prepare an in-depth report on company operations and situation for your potential buyers?
  • Are you in negotiations for a merger and wish to perform financial due diligence of merging companies to determine the swap ratio and the conditions of merger?
  • Are you a financial institution in the process of approving a large loan to a company and require a more detailed picture of its operations and economic situation?
  • Are you a parent company in a group and wish to audit operations and economic situation of a subsidiary?

Why change the company status?

  • Are you a sole trader and the existing form doesn’t allow you to fulfil your business objectives or doesn’t fulfil your partners’ expectations?
  • Are you a sole trader and are no longer willing to assume liabilities of a business entity with all your personal property?
  • Is your company organised as a private limited company and you wish to simplify and reduce the cost of ownership share transferability?
  • Do you wish to list your company shares on the exchange, but are organised as a private limited company?
  • Are you organised as a public limited company and are considering changing to a private limited company?
Financial due diligence for a detailed picture of operations.

After the financial due diligence, we focus on the analysis of economic situations and previous operations of the target company. We warn you of potentially doubtful items and risks, and clarify the future of this company.

We assist you from the decision to implementation. Comprehensive and thorough

Due diligence audits and evaluations

  • we provide insight into the financial, organisational, and legal arrangements of the target company
  • using findings of due diligence audits, we help you form negotiating positions for planned transactions
  • we highlight the advantages, disadvantages, and potential risks of the target company
  • we evaluate the company, ownership interest in the company, company operations, or part of the company

Change of company status

  • we analyse the existing company status
  • we prepare a preliminary proposal for a status change
  • we advise and participate in the status change
  • we have you prepare the full documentation required