Leading M&A team in the region

Work with a team of experts that has the best knowledge of the local market, excellent relationship with key stakeholders, and a wealth of experience with acquisitions, dispositions, and takeovers of companies.

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Knowledge of local environment

with all market and legal characteristics

Excellent relationships

with key stakeholders and international consultants

A team of 100+ experts

with interdisciplinary knowledge

Successful M&A projects start and finish with careful planning

Are you looking for a buyer for your ownership share in a company, thinking about rationalisation of operations, or wish to give up management of a company?

Or are you looking for an opportunity to create new value by purchasing a company, do you want to increase your market power with an acquisition, or to strategically invest excess financial assets?

With our experts, adaptable, and transparent consultancy services, we help you successfully complete any disposition, acquisition, or takeover procedure.

  • Successfully completed acquisitions and dispositions of target companies: HIT, ETI, RIH, Letrika...
  • Successfully completed acquisition activities of acquirers: Sava Re, Fotona, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Nectar, OTC...
The best result is achieved with the highest dedication.

Our experienced financial consultants make sure that nothing in the disposition or acquisition process is left to chance. For that reason we focus on fewer projects that have our complete attention.

With you throughout the disposition procedure

The final result of the disposition procedure depends on planning and implementation of all disposition transaction stages. 


Preparation stage

Examination of investment, harmonisation of requirements and expectations, and preparation of timeline

First stage

Preparation of transaction, targeting investors, and collecting non-binding offers

Second stage

Due diligence audits, coordination of presentation and tour of the company, and collecting binding offers

Third stage

Coordination of negotiations, organisation of conclusion of purchase and sale agreement, and execution of transaction

During acquisitions, you can rely on our knowledge and experience

Expert financial knowledge

We provide consultancy services for:

  • evaluating and recognising target synergies
  • due diligence audit process
  • financial part of non-binding and binding offer
  • full price negotiation process
  • notification of concentration and obtaining an acquisition/merger approval
  • stock swaps and mandatory takeover offer

Knowledge of local environment

We provide:

  • notifications on local market and local legislation peculiarities
  • help in communication with relevant decision makers
  • activities for priority buyer status
  • monitoring activities of competitive bidders on the local market