Why invest in ALTA umbrella fund?

Mutual funds are an excellent alternative or supplement to bank deposits. The umbrella fund ALTA with 19 sub-funds allows you to create a safe and profitable portfolio that suits you. You can also choose expertly prepared investment combinations to realise your goals.

Choose the right combination of funds for your investment route. The longer your investment route, the higher and more ambitious goals you can set!

Creating a portfolio from the most suitable funds is demanding – that is why we recommend professionally formed investment combinations.

Trade favourably, comfortably, and transparently.

ALTA APP is a free application combining the functionalities of e-Trading and e-Funds, providing the following functions:

  • Orders via a computer, mobile phone, or tablet
  • 24/7 overview of your securities and fund portfolio
  • Access to all orders, statements, and documents in one location
  • Lower provisions than with classic brokerage


Coming soon!